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OS Flipping Books

A great joomla module allows you to create the Flipping Books on your site easily and beatifully. When an article page is loaded, the module which is loaded into that article will automatically builds in the flash flip book having such options as: zooming, printing, saving, contents, navigation.

We also released a same plugin for JomSocial to allows users on your community site are able to create their own Flipping Books. You can visit JomSocial Flipping Books for more details.


1. Printing pages allows users to print various sets of pages of your flip book.

2. Fixed or Liquid Sizing support helps you to integrate your flip book to your custom layout.

3. Book Zooming helps users read highly detailed pages of your flip books.

4. PDF Download option allows users to download the offline version of your flip book.

5. Customizable Interface allows you to quickly configure the look and feel of your flip book: Color, Background, Sound, Speed, Zoom, Shadow, Hardcover, etc

Change logs:

Version 1.5.1: Integrated with JomSocial, ability to display any JomSocial Photo Album as a Flipping Book.

Version 1.5.2: Add a new feature for pagination so user is able to choose any page to jump to.

Version 1.5.3: Ability to choose toolbar position (Top or Bottom).

Version 1.5.4: Ability to adjust spacing from book to top and bottom.


1. Install Module: Please unzip the package that you get after purchasing the product, then login to bakend side of your joomla site, then go to Extensions->Install/Uninstall and choose to install module.

2. Module Options: After install module, you will go to module to config and publish it. You should create a new module position in your template (You can call it as flippingbooks), then show module on all page and publish it in this position.

3. Display flip book in an article: Edit the article where you want this module to appear and insert the text in the article at the place where you want the module.

4. Compatible with: Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5.

For more details, you can download OS Flipping Books Documentation. In this documentation, I guide you how to install and use module carefully so you can setup the module easily.



OS Flipping Books

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Get Supports

If you have any questions regarding the module, you can choose one of following ways to get the best supports:

1. Login to your account and submit a Support Ticket

2. Drop me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. Contact me via Skype, YM or Gtalk for instant chat. You can find my contact information below:

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