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OS PDFIndexer installation

When you purchase OS PDFIndexer from our site , you will receive an email contain download link to download the extension. Click on the link, you will download a file called . The zip file contains two file : (main component) and (the search plugin to search for indexed documents) .




The extension can be installed like any other Joomla(TM) extensions . Click on Extensions => install/uninstall menu item, browse for the file , click upload to install the extension. After that, go to plugins management, search for Doc Indexer and publish this plugin .


  1. First, you need to configure Documents indexer. There are some config parameters and they are explained below :
    • Documents Path : That is the base path where your documents are stored (absolute path). Your documents then can be placed in different directories within this base path . For example, you can create doc to store word documents, pdf to store pdfs doducments......
    • Extensions integration : If you want to integrate the Documents indexer with other extension like docman, set it to Yes, other wise, set it to No . Right now, the extension only support docman but I planned to integrate it with other popular download extensions .
    • Allowed File Types : This is the file type of documents which you want to index. Don't change this config option, it is resevered for future released of documents indexer.
  2. Indexing documents
    • Create additional folders under the base folder
    • Upload documents into the above folders .
    • Click on New index button to index documents . In this screen, you need to enter folder where documents uploaded to, choose access permission.
  3. Other tasks
    • Edit document to udpate it's title,..... If you want to re-index this document, set re-index to Yes.
    • Re-index new documents in a folder : Choose a folder from dropdown and click Index New documents button .
    • Re-index all documents in a folder : Choose a folder from dropdown and click Re Index all documents button .

If you have any questions, please post it on forum. If you found any issues, please support a support ticket . We will check and fix it for you immediately .

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