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Docman Plugin installation

When you purchase Docman Plugin from our site , you will receive an email contain download link to download the plugin. Click on the link, you will download a file called .




  1. As described in product description, Docman Plugin could not work alone . It requires Docman and Joom Donation, so you need to install Docman and Joom Donation first. To see how to install Joom Donation, please click here .
  2. To install Docman plugin , please follow the following steps :
    • Login to back-end of your site
    • Access to Extensions=>Install/Uninstall menu item.
    • Browse for the file .
    • Click on Upload and lnstall button .


  • The plugin has two parameters called Donation Amount and Group Id . It is the mapping between the donation amount which donors donate and Docman Group Id they will be assigned to . Here are an example :
    • You enter 0, 30, 40 into Amount text area.
    • You enter 1[Silver Member], 2 [Gold Member], 3 [Platinum Member]
  • The plugin will work as follow :
    • If donor donate >=$40, he will be assigned to Platinum Member Docman Group
    • If donor donate an amount =>30 and  < 40, they will be assigned to Gold Member Docman Group
    • If donor donate an amount <30, they will  be assigned to Silver Member Docman Group .

You should create docman groups and enter the mapping so that if donors donate higher amount, they should be able to access to more value documents!


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