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CB Donate Me Installation

When you purchase CB Donate Me plugin from our site , you will receive an email contain download link to download the plugin. Click on the link, you will download a file called .




  1. As described in product description, CB Donate Me to could not work alone . It requires Community Builder and Joom Donation, so you need to install Joom Donation and Community Builder first. To see how to install Joom Donation, please click here .
  2. To install CB Donate Me , please follow the following step :
    • Login to back-end of your site
    • Access to Components=>Community builder=> Plugins management menu item
    • Click on Install Plugin link
    • Browse for the file .
    • Click on Upload and Install button .


  • The plugin has a parameter called number records . Set it to number of donation records you want to display on each page on user's profile . If there are more records, page navigation will be showed .