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Joom Donation plugin development

As described in the product description , Joom Donation is now a plug-ins enabled extension . There are two events :

  1. OnAfterStoreDonor  : The event will be raised when all information of donor stored in the database . You can trigger this even to add donor to your mailing list . subscribe donors into newsletter system (See our newsletter plugin)
  2. OnAfterPaymentSucess : This even will be raised when the payment is successfully processed . You can trigger this even to grant access to users to any resource of your site  : Docman documents (see our Docman plugin ),  allow users to read some articles which require pay to read .....



We encourage developers to developer to develop plugins for Joom Donation to make it the powerful and best donation system for Joomla(TM) . Basically, you can write plugin for Joom Donation like any Joomla(TM) plugin . Look at the sample below, you will see how easy to develop plugin for Joom Donation :

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