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Payment Form

Payment Form

Payment Form (PMF) is a Joomla(TM) 1.5, Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7, Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3.0 native extension developed by Ossolution Team to allow you to collect information and get payment from your site members / visitors (for a service, for an event registration or for a course registering) via Paypal,, Eway payment gateway. There are also 10 other payment plugins : Paypal pro, Google Checkout, 2Checkout, First Data, BBS Netaxept.... To view them, please access here .

Compatible with :

Current version: 3.0 .  Last updated : 10/05/2012

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The extension also supports offline payemnt. It can be used as a payment system which allows customers to pay for a service on your site , can be used as a simple event registration system or a courses registering system or even a simple ecommerce system where you sell several products....Whenever you want to collect information and get payment from your site members / visitors, think about Payment Form.


How it works :

  1. Customer access the form (via menu item, or from form list, or within an article), fill in all necessary fields on the form , (PMF support custom fields feature, so you can define as many custom fields as you want to collect payers information) and process payment (Via Paypal, or Eway payment gateway) .
  2. Customer will be redirected to thanks you page where thanks you message will be displayed .
  3. Administrator will received a email notification email about the payment .
  4. Customers will receive an confirmation email about the payment as well.
  5. The payments information is stored in database . Administrator can these payment records (view list of records, view detail information of a payment record, exports payment records into csv format to view in an office program) .

Features :

  1. Managing and creating unlimited forms: Administrator can add/edit/delete forms from back-end of PMF . For each form, administrator can specify title, amount (amount which users has to pay when processing payment via this form), different messages (message displayed above the form, message displayed on confirmation page, thanks message, cancel message, notification emails....) , choose to show/hide, requires/not requires any basic fields (first name, last name....) on the form ....
  2. Users can pay for a pre-defined amount (admin setup this amount when creating the form). Admin can also setup the form so that users can pay the amount they want by entering that amount into a textbox.
  3. Custom fields support: PMF allows you to add unlimited custom fields to each form, so you can collect any information you want from payers. In the current version PMF support the following custom field types: Textbox, Textarea, Dropdown (single and multile seclect list), checkbox list, radio list, DateTime , Heading( use to group fields), Message (text to be displayed as a guide message on the form), File Upload. Each form will have it's own custom fields . You can easy change settings to make a field become required/not required, change ordering (re-order) fields on the form.
  4. Powerful Custom Fee Field feature allows calculating amount users have to pay based on what they choose/enter on the form.
  5. Allows sending file attachment to users after they completed payment.
  6. Embed the form into any Joomla articles using payment form plugin .
  7. Forms view to display list of forms which users can choose to process payment.
  8. Coupon allow users to enter coupon code to get discount for their payment.
  9. Captcha support.
  10. Multi-payment gateways support : Payment Form has Paypal, and Eway payment gateways come in the download package by default. Other payment gateways are released as extra payment plugins (you will need to purchase these payment plugins separately if you want to use it). You can see all the extra payment plugins at Payment Forms payment plugins.
  11. Offline payment support : If your customers don't have account in the available payment gateways, they can stilll pay  using ofline payment option. The payment record will be pending until you received payment from the customer (via bank, for example) and activate the order.
  12. Payments management : You can manage payment records from back-end, export orders into csv format to view it in MS office application.
  13. Build-in translation function allows you to change any language string from back-end of the component (you won't have to edit language file directly to change these strings).
  14. Flexible config options : There are many config options which you can change from back-end of PMF. That makes PMFbecomes a flexible extension. Some of important config parameters are :
    1. Message : Message displayed at the top of payment form, thank you message display to users after they complete payment, cancel message display to users if they cancel their payments .
    2. Email : Confirmation email subject , confirmation email body, notification email subject, notification email body, notification emails ...
    3. Fields : Choose to show / hide , requires /not requires any fields on payment form .
    4. Fields mapping : Mapping between fields on order form and JomSocial or Community Builder .
    5. Payment : Choose payment method you want to use, enter your merchant account : Paypal account, API Login and Transaction key, Live mode or Test mode ....
  15. JomSocial integration :
    1. Auto-fill fields on payment form (first name , last name ,…) from data stored in JomSocial profile so that user won’t have to re-enter these essential data .
    2. Payment history plugin : This plugin displays payments history of a user on his profile on his profile .
  16. Community member integration :
    1. Auto-fill fields on payment form (first name , last name ,…) from data stored in CB profile so that user won’t have to re-enter these essential data .
    2. Payemnt history plug-in : This plugin displays payment history of a user on his profile on his profile in CB.
  17. Plugin enabled system : PMF allow you to write plugins to extend the funtions of the extension .
  18. Joomla(TM) 1.5 native, follow MVC programming model, on–going development and great support.



  1. For installing the extension, please read Payment Form Installation
  2. For using the extension, please visit Using Payment Form
  3. Browse FAQs.
  4. Access Support Forum to post your questions and get answered from us .

JED Reviews


bysheva on October 25, 2010
I come from Denmark, so I had to translate it into Danish. But that is one of the best things about Payment Form, because you can translate it into any langauge you want. And as many as you want. I am so thrilled about this that I will recommend it to ALL who are looking for an extension to make there own webshop. If you have a little time, you can build a complete webshop with this, in any language, and as many items as you want, to sell or donate as you want. I only have one regret, and that is that I can only give it 5 stars. And as low as 18 dollars. How is that possible???????????????? You don`t have to look any further for another plugin for your webshop.

Forget it, onless you are an English professor or have 100 hours to spare in translation.

With this, I had my webshop up and running in less than 10 hours.
bymackdaddy on October 19, 2010
Fantastic !! Works a treat, Tuan at OSSolutions does a great support job.
Thanks and well done for a great module.
bycesacha on October 13, 2010
This extention is soo good, same then joomdonation i fully recommended, else the customer support by tickets or messenger is great.... have lot of features right for your needs ....
bygvasilakis on October 11, 2010
I bought this when it was still in “development stages” I would say
$18….WOW!!! you can’t go wrong .
Lack of documentation and demo version, but for the price, who cares I thought…give it a go.
There is not extensive documentation, because you don’t need it. The extension is easy to install and easy to use after a bit of playing around with it.
I quickly realized that although easy, it was a bit less flexible than what I needed….
I needed a custom field and the ability to reposition all the fields….when the email and name was not possible at the time.
So I emailed Tuan. He replied a few hours later, and promised a new improved version with all these extra options within 6 days. Wow again!!!
A week later, we have 1.4 version with all I need and more :)
This is what I call service!!!!! And all these for $18 :)
I will soon try the Google Checkout plug-in that no other joomla payment form could offer me up to now.
Great stuff…..!!!! its got my 5 stars, and I would give 10 if I could :)
Very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
byronniem on October 5, 2010
I purchased this extension and use the worldpay, googlecheckout and paypal gateways. It allows me to have a central place to log customer payments.
The installation was very smooth. Slight issue with the installation of the worldpay gateway (my fault) but Tuan was very fast and resolving this for me.
Works great and very easy to use. Worth the money!!
bydklbwf on September 26, 2010
Was extremely easy to install and the online docs make things alot easier as well. I would like to possibly see in the future if a feature could be added where folks could register to my site and hit a my account link and see all payments made or change account info. Overall Great Extension!!!
Owner's reply


In previous version, users can only see payment history via CB Payment History or JomSocial Payment History plugin. From version 1.4, I added a new feature which allow your users can view their payment history without having to use Community Builder or JomSocial on your site .

Also, there are so many nice features added to version 1.4. Please go to my site to download the latest version of the extension and upgrade to your site .


Ossolution Team

bydavesause on September 12, 2010
This is an amazing extension and well worth the less than $20 price (since you can use it as many times as you need). It's simple and straightforward, and when coupled with Pay Pal, a breeze for anyone to register for events and collect fees. No sensitive information is communicated, so no SSL required - that's all on the Pay Pal part. Option to pay offline, perfect for a small club or non-profit. My first 'commercial' extension, and so worth it!
byericcougniot on September 7, 2010
I have purchased the Payment form component.
An excellent component, but I had to add some specific functionnalities. In a few days and for a small budget, my developments have benn done exactly with what I wanted.

You can chat on msn directly to adapt test, and resolve problems.
So, really an excellent component & service

Congratulation !
byCronus on August 31, 2010
If you need a great joomla payment form, THIS IS THE ONE TO GET! No doubt about that, tuan has excellent customer service and will help you solve any problem that may arise with the form.

I will be the first to admit it, for $18 this form is perfect and makes your site look clean and professional, accepting paypal and integrated into the form.

Thank you for a great Form!!!
I downloaded this extension along with Joom Donation and I have to say that these two are probably the best extensions I have worked with. They are easy to use and install and customisable and integrate well with CB. Also top marks for Tuan and the support team. There super quick response time and help got me up and running in a matter of minutes.
If I could give Tuan and his team more then 5 stars then I would!

The Payment Form is easy to use and easy to install. It works as advertised and has just the right number of features.

And the best news it that when I needed a new feature added Tuan re-worked the code and had the new feature fixed for me to present to my client in less then 36 hours!!!

I have used one of their other extensions as well and it is just as great. They have many extensions and you can trust Tuan's professionalism and abilities. HE will not leave you hanging.
I have been trying to develop a payment form in Joomla for a while. FInally I stumbled upon Form Payments.
The installation was a breeze. Fully customizable beyond your wildest dreams. Also, if you get stuck, Tuam is available to help you out on email, forums and IM. He has been tremendously helpful and I agree with another comment... It looks like he is always there for you !!!! Highly recommended.
While I'm still slightly new to Joomla!, having only really been around for about 9 months... I must say I've spent many months looking for exactly what this extension provides. It's extremely efficient, with a great foundation for building clean and professional payment forms.

Extension aside, the developer has been available 24/7. I've had a few technical questions in integrating a few ideas and also some general questions - questions were answered same night. Support provides real-time access behind a few chat programs (e.g. MSN)... I found this to be wonderful.

Thanks again for the great work! Keep it up!
I am so happy with this program thus far. It was easy to install. Easy to customize. Support was exceptional. This guy is truly available 24hrs a day.

Would like to be able to arrange the order of the fields in the form and not just custom the fields. Not necessary but hey it was just a thought.

Overall, this product is well worth the purchase. The price not bad at all. Donate to further development of this module.

My Star Rating ********************************* (count them) :-)
byGood_Stuff on July 6, 2010
I have been looking for a solution for my website over a month and finally I found Payment Form. I had few questions before buying, so I contacted Tuan, he answered my questions and customized the software according to my requirements, exactly what I needed.
Even after the customization and installing the extension, Tuan gave me live support, step by step instructions until I was completely satisfied withe product.
i wish i could give them 10 stars. highly recommend Tuan and his team for any support you need, just drop them a line and they will help you.
Great job, Well Done...!!!
byaussiecomth on June 25, 2010
A sincere thank you to the developers of Payment Form.

An issue was raised and fixed within 1 business day - very much appreciated.

Payment Form has been easy to set up, configure and customise where required. We are very happy to recommend this extension for Australian Joomla users using Eway as a payment method.
bymagno on June 25, 2010
Excellent product and first class tech support. The form is clean and easy to install and to customize.
If only all the extensions were half as good as this...!
byIchtus84 on June 24, 2010
Tnx Tuan for this extentsion!

It is so easy to install and using! Best payment extention you will find.
Ok it is not fancy looking in the back end. But you got everything you need!

You need 10 different payment forms? Just buy it and use it! Even the mail you want to send you can change it for every form!

And if you have a problem? Tuan helps you fast and good!

This is an excellent product that is easy to deploy. Very straightforward to install and use.
The service is also excellent.... I am very satisfied with it.
I had previously used nBill to try and deliver an online membership renewal system for our club. Unfortunately, I wasted hours of work trying to import our membership database and create custom fields to match with nBill. Got a long way down the track to discover the source code was encoded. Doh! The main requirement I had was to have a payment system integrate with Community Builder. Coming across Payment Form has been a revelation.

Tuan helped me customize the component so we could create custom fields as required and got the CB integration working smoothly. All in all, a great component backed by great customer service.

Show case,com_pmform/Itemid,162/form_id,11/view,form/

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