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OS Services booking

Osssolution Services Booking (OSB) is created for Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.x. It is used for online service scheduling and appointment management. This component has a lot of great features to make your services booking system helpful with the customers.

- Quick and Smart layout with Javascript and Ajax integration
- Payment plugins manage and a lot of payment gateways available: Offline, Paypal, Paypal Pro(Credit card) and payment gateways support.
- Manage categories of services and the solution in case you have a lot services- Manage venues and the multiple locations solution
- Unlimited Your services and employees
- Custom fields feature with additional cost for each extra field
- Powerful configuration
- Easy to make the booking and Customer profile
- Cron task feature and different notification emails
- Normal working time and custom working time type
- Easy to filter services by employee or category
- Pdf invoices
- Income reporting
- Flexiable timezone
- Calendars for employees, customers and administrator
- Order history for customers in the frontend
- Repeat appointments in one time range
- Multiple languages with Falang
- Google Calendar Integration
- ClickAtell SMS notification integration


Quick links


Full Functionality


If you have massage centers, hair salons, beauty studios, tennis courts, fitness clubs, dog walking websites, babysitter booking agencies or any business and you want to build the site that allow customer can book your services. OSB is the best solution for you.

Quick and Smart layout with Javascript and Ajax integration

We decided to use Ajax technology for OSB with the reason the customers won’t waste the time (loading pages) for checking avaiable services and employees on the time they need. OSB has the tidy and logical layout that make the customer feel comfortable when they use your services booking system. This point is very important with your business.

Payment plugins manage and a lot of payment gateways available: Offline, Paypal, Paypal Pro(Credit card) and Payment gateways support.

In new version OS Services Booking, we provide the payment plugins mechanism. You can install new payment plugin in the future. You also can unpublish or unpublish the plugins. The published plugins will be show in the booking form and customers can select one of all plugins for their payment. Click on each payment, you can enter the configuration parameters for each payment plugin.

And the payment details form

Manage categories of services and the solution in case you have a lot services

In case you have a lot of services, the default layout of OS Services Booking will have a lot of tabs. We received several complains from customer when they have too much services published in their booking system. With many tabs, they have several lines of tabs. We provide the solution for this problem, that is Categories. With categories feature, you can distribute your services according to different criterion.The criterion are the categorie.

To manage categories, please go to Manage Categories link from backend side of OS Services Booking component

After manage your categories, you can assign services to your categories.

From backend side, when you create the menu to OS Services Booking component. Select default layout, you can select the category. From frontend, when the customer click on that link, the system will list all the services of that category. In case you do not select any category, the system will show all the published services.

Manage venues and the multiple locations solution

In case you have multiple locations service, for example, you have some hair salons in different places. It's not the problem if those locations are in the same city or suburb v.v. But if they are in different countries, it will have the problem with working time and employees of your service v.v. For example, one employee cannot work in different hair salons if they are in different venues. We provide solution for this issue by creating venues feature in OSB 1.4.

To manage Venues, you can click on Venues icon from Dashboard or using submenu

we will go to the Venues management page

From here, we can add/edit venue.

In each venue, we can enter address, contact information, select photo. In additional, with each venue, we can select service that the venue is belong to. Two other important points in Venue are disable before and disable after.

Disable before : Customers can't book your service at that venue before today, X days from today and before fixed date.

If you select today, customers can book your service today

If you select X days from now, it means customers can only book your service X day from today. For example, today is 1st April 2013, you select 5 days so customers can only book your service from 6th April 2013

If you select one certain fixed day, customers can only book your service after that date.

Disable after: Customer can't book your service at that venue after X days from today and after fixed date.

If you select Not set, customer can book your service at that venue normally

If you select X days from now, it means customers cannot book your service X days after today. For example, today is 1st April 2013, you select 5 days so customers can only book your service from today until end of 5th April 2013

if you select one certain fixed day, customers cannot book your service after that date.


Easy to filter services by employee or category

In above part, you can see the ability to filter services by Categories. In new version (1.3), OS Services Booking provides the mechanism to filter services by employee in default layout of component. When you create "Default layout" menu, you can select to filter services by employee or category.

After you select employee in the dropdown select list in creating menu page, in the frontend, only the services of that employee are shown. This feature opens the solution that allow OS Services Booking to integrate with CB or Jom Social component.

Unlimited Your services and employees

In the backend page of component, you can add many services and employees of those services if you want. In each service, you can define the price and length in minutes. After creating employees and assign to services, the customers can book an appointment with each of the employees individually. You can also assign only specific and not all services for each employee.

As you can see in the list, there is the column called Time slot. In OS Services Booking, we have 2 types of Time slots

- Normal time slot: Appointments will be organized by Step in minutes (This value is setup in Configuration)

- Custom time slot: Appointments will be organized in by Special time everyday, and in each slot, administrator can enter number customers who can book the appointment. This feature is appropriated in using OSB for the class or training sessions booking.

Number of available slots that the customer can book and the custom fields with additional prices

Powerful configuration

OS Services Booking provides power configuration.

1. General tab: This tab contains the basic config information of your Service Booking system like Business name, date time format, footer contain and meta keywords.
Business name: This name will be used in the title of your Service Booking page.
Date, time format: You can select date, time format that will be used for your Service Booking page.

2. Reminder: This tab contains the config parameters of reminder notification emails to customer who booked your services


3. Booking configuration: This tab contains all config parameters of booking system.

Integrate GCalendar : Select Yes if you want to integrate OSB with Google Calendar. See more

GCalendar Width : Width size of Google Calendar frame in frontend of your site. You can adjust this param to adapt your template.

GCalendar height : Height size of Google Calendar frame in frontend of your site. You can adjust this param to adapt your template.

Select User group for Employee: This is new feature of OS Services Booking. It uses the ACL function of Joomla. Because in the frontend, employee can view their working lists, so we may have the menu to the page of employee. Of course, employee must be Joomla registered users, but if we put the menu with access level is registered, all registered users (both employees and normal Joomla users) can see the menu. And this point can make the misunderstanding from your customers. In this case, we provide the solution for you to avoide the issue. You will create one user group in Joomla from backend by go to Users > Groups > Add New Groups. Enter name for that group. And then, you go to Users > Access levels > Add new access levels like bellow screen

After you done above work, you can go to component OS Services Booking > Configuration > tab Booking configuration, and select the group in field Select User group for Employee. When you create menu to layout of Employee, please select access level is the group name that you just selected in OS Services Booking Configuration

From frontend, only employee can see that menu.

Calendar start date: In the top left of OS Services Booking page, we have the small calendar where customers can select date to show list of services and employees. You can select the start date in week on that calendar is Sunday or Monday.

Only allow registered to book services: If user select Yes in this field, in the booking form, OS Services Booking will show login and registration form. And user must be registered if they want to book your services. This point is important and it relates to the layout Customer's Calendar. Because only registered customers can view their appointments.

If you select Yes, customers should login or register if they want to book the services.

Employee can work in multiple services in the same time: With some booking system, one employee can multiple services. But with other, one employee can work in one service in one time. You need to select your choice.

Currency: You can select the currency that will be use in your OS Services Booking system.

Currency symbol position : You can choice the position of currency symbol. Before or after the amount.

Depost payment: The percent of total amount that your customers must pay when they purchase your services.

Enable Tax: Do you want to use Tax in your booking system.

Tax payment: The percent of total amount that will be added into the final cost

Step in minutes: This value will be used for Normal time slots Services. They are step amount between the time slots. For example, the value of your Step in minutes is 30 mins, the time slots of your services will be shown like : 08:00 AM - 10:00 AM, 08:30 AM - 10:30 AM, 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM, 09:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Disable Payments: If you don't need payment in your booking system, you can turn it off.

Credit Card types: Select the credit card types that will be used in your booking system. This configure param will be use for Credit Card Payment plugin like Paypal Pro, v.v.

Notification email address: The email address will be received the notification from your booking system.

Mobile number notification: The mobile number will be received SMS notification messages from your booking system. You also need to turn on ClickAtell feature. See more

Customer can cancel the booking request: Please enter number hours before the start booking time that customers can request to cancel their booking request.

Flexiable timezone

In old versions of OS Services Booking, administrator should select 2 timezones to have OSB work properly. From this version, administrator doesn't need to select timezone anymore, because OSB will get the time zone of your Joomla system

Income reporting

One of many new features in version 1.3 is the income report task. Administrator can check to see how many OSB system earned today, yesterday, this month, last month, this year v.v.v

Pdf invoice

In new version of OS Services Booking, in we create invoice for each transaction. The invoice is in pdf format and we use tcpdf library.


On above photo, you can see from the Orders Management page, you can export invoice pdf for each transaction. The pdf layout is managed from Configuration, tab Invoice Setting. The invoice will also be sent to customer's email when they complete the payment or booking form - In case offline payment or disable payment.

Calendars for employees, customers and administrator

Some customer suggest us to make the calendar in administrator and in employee layout. It allows administrator to manage the avaiability calendar for employees, employees can view their working list, and customers can manage their appointments. With Calendar function, users can manage information simpler, easier and more detailed.

Administrator side: from Employees management page, click on Availability Calendar icon, it will open new page with big availability calendar of the employee in the main page. In each day, you can click to set the day is available or unavailable.

Calendar in administrator view


Employee side:

From Manage list works page, employee can click on My working calendar in the top to go the calendar page

Employee's Calendar

From this calendar, employees can see the working list of them

Customer side:

From Oders history page, customers can click on the button My Booking Calendar to go the the calendar page to manage their appointments. In each day, the system will list all the appointments of current customer and the customer can close the appointments if he(she) want.

and the calendar


Repeat appointments in one time range

In case you want to use OS Services Booking for e-learning system or something that need repeat the appointments, you have good news because from version 1.3, OS Services Booking has the function that allow customers to repeat their appointments in one time range. Appointments can be repeated by day, week or month.

Administrator need to turn on the repeat feature for one service from backend as bellow screen

Administrator can decide to allow customers to repeat their booking by day, week or month. Now, from frontend, customer want to book service Tennis court on Wed, 27 Feb 2013 and he want to book this service on Web every week from 28th Feb and in one next month, he only need to do like bellow screen

In case one of repeating day has been book by someone, the error screen will be shown and the customer can adjust the number slots or time to satisfy they need.

Custom fields feature
Custom fields: OSB has 2 type of extra fields. Booking form and Services. In the administrator side, you can manage the custom fields. In each custom field, you can select type for it. Types are : select list, checkboxes, radio. You also need to select Booking form or Services that the custom field is belong to.

If you select Booking form, the field will be shown when user enter the booking information.

If you select Services, the field will be shown when user select time to book.

As you can see in above photo, in each option of extra field, administrator can define the additional price. When the customer select that option when he (she) book the service, the additional price will be added into total cost.

Working time
In OSB, you can config the working time for your service on days of week. You can can setup the custom working time for your services in special days, holiday v.v.

Flexible pricing

We offer the flexible pricing mechanism for your business. There are 3 price levels for you choice.

1. The cost of the services. It is the cost that you can enter when you add/edit services.

2. Employee additional cost. One employee can work with in one or more services. Administrator can setup the additional cost for the employee in each project that he(her) work.

3. Administrator can also setup another additional cost by the working time of him(her). In one day, if the cost of one employee is different, you can add the additional cost for him(her) by working time.

Assign employee to services

You have the services, you also have the employees. But the system won't work until you assign employees to the services. To assign the employees to the services, you can

1. Define the Additional price for the employee in that service. This value will be added into the total cost in the frontend side.

2. Define the days (From Monday to Sunday) in week that the employee will work.

3. Define the breaktimes, the employee won't work in the breaktime.

Assign employee to service

Easy to make the booking and Customer profile

After the customers add the servics with (employee and booking date/time) to their cart. They can checkout. Depend on your configuration from backend. The customer may pay the deposit through Paypal or they will be redirected to the ‘Complete’ page. Administrator, employees and customer will receive the notification emails. In the backend page, you can check the transaction lists from click on the menu Orders, in each order, you can set the order is completed, pending or cancelled.

Notice: You can also manage the email templates of OSB in the backend.

Manage Order

This is the Order list in the backend side

When you click on one record, you will go to Order details

From Order details page, you view Order details and change the Order status

Cron task feature
Cron task is the time-based job scheduler in Unix-like computer operating systems. cron enables users to schedule jobs (commands or shell scripts) to send the reminder emails to customer X hours before their booking time. You need to setup the cron task to run every hours.
In the configuration page, you can see the real path and live link of the cron task file. In that case you can setup the cron task from your server.
You can read more about how to setup the cron task here :

Multiple languages with Falang

You can download Falang component from here:

To use Falang component, you should have at least 2 languages. You can read more about languages in Joomla in

After installing Falang component, please find 2 files: app_sch_employee.xml, app_sch_services.xml, app_sch_fields.xml in folder falang_contentelements in the package and then copy them to administrator > components > com_falang > contentelements directory.

If all above tasks are done, we are ready to start translating data for Services, Employees and Extra fields. Go to Falang > Translation, select language and Content Elements to translate

And in translate page

Google Calendar Integration

With Google Calendar, it’s easy for exmployee to keep track of their’s appointments all in one place. To read more about Google calendar, please click here. If you need support on Google Calendar, please click here.

From OS Services Booking 1.4, we decided to integrate services booking system with Google Calendar. it allows to update the appointments of employees to their Google Calendar page and even they can view their Google Calendar from OS Services Booking directly.

To user Google Calendar, you need to have

1.A Google Account for creating and using Google Calendars

2.PHP 5.1.4 or higher.

3.Google Data PHP Client Library (from Zend)

4.OS Services Booking 1.4 or greater

Setup Google Data PHP Client Library

You will need to download the Google Data PHP Client Library and upload it to your server. The Google Data PHP Client Library is part of the Zend Framework but can also be installed standalone. You can download the Google Data PHP Client Library from here. After download this file (about 30MB), please copy it to root of your Joomla site and extract it by using extexplorer component or File manager tool at your Hosting panel. After extract zip file, you will see the folder called "Zend" in your root Joomla directory.

Set up Google Calendar from OS Services Booking

Google calendar in employee page

As you can see at the picture, it is the Google calendar of one employee, the calendar is integrated to OS Services Booking. Employees can view their works on GCalendar from their pages on OSB, or they can view works from Google Calendar website. To setup Google Calendar on OSB, you need to do 2 bellow steps.
1. Turn on Integrate with GCalendar feature at from Configuration page

2. Enter Google account at employees modification page

If you want to show Employee's Google Calendar at OS Services Booking, you need to enter GCalendar ID. To get the Calendar ID, open the Calendar settings screen in Google.

In the Calendar Settings screen near the bottom you will see the Calendar Address section and on the right the Calendar ID. For your primary Google Calendar this will be the same as your Google login ID but for secondary calendars it will be a long cryptic value.

ClickAtell SMS notification integration

This screen is where you set OSB to use for sending SMS text messages.
You must have an account with data for this screen comes from your account's "Manage My Products" page.
You should ensure you account is functioning properly before incorporating it into OS Services Booking. To test your account copy this to your browser:[your user id]&password=[your password]&api_id=[your api_id]&to=[your cell number]&text=Test+from+ABPro
Note: your cell number must include the country dialing code, for example add '1' in front of your number for USA and Canada - 14035551212 (no dashes)

The right part in above picture are the notification messages that will be sent to administrator and customers. SMS text messages are limited to 160 characters in length so we need essentially a short text. In SMS msgs content, we can't add the order details like service names, employee names, start and end time v.v. because they may over the limit characters. We only can add the Order ID number in the text message, you can change the message content, but please do not change "{OrderID}". When the system process to send the SMS, it will replace {OrderID} by the Id number of Order.

Note: To send the SMS to one mobile phone number, system need country dialing code. So if you select not to show the dial code dropdown list in booking screen, the system will get the default dial code when it send the SMS message.

If administrator want to receive the SMS notification, admin should enter the mobile number in Configuration, tab Booking Configuration.


Change Logs

Version 1.4.1 (18th April 2013)
# Bugs fixed
    -  Venue dropdown list in employee modification (Backend)
      -  Modal view of Venue in booking page (Frontend)
    -  Update Czech language package

Version 1.4.0 (14th April 2013)
+ Added : - Venues management
               - Google Calendar integration
               - ClickAtell SMS integration
               - Ability to prevent customers to cancel order request before X hours
# Bugs fixed
    -  Date time format in order lists

Version 1.3 - 4th  March 2013

Version - 3rd November 2012:
Release the first stable version (1.1) of Ossolution Services Booking.

Version - 23th July 2012:
Release the first stable version (1.0) of Ossolution Services Booking.


Download and install package :

Notice: You need to setup the cron task in case you want the services booking work correctly.


Get Supports

If you have any questions regarding the component, you can choose one of following ways to get the best supports:

1. Login to your account and submit a Support Ticket

2. Drop me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. Contact me via Skype, YM or Gtalk for instant chat. You can find my contact information below:

  • Skype: thucdam84
  • YM: thucdam84
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.