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OS Calendar

OS Calendar provides availability calendar feature for properties of OS Property component. Many customers have asked if it would be possible to set availability dates and rates per listing that work with OS Property - we answered with our custom reservations system OS Calendar. This allows site administrators to set rentals rates for individual listings as well as set rate calendars for holiday rates. In addition to the flexible rates and dates management, OS Calendar also offers the ability to set down payment rates and accept payments (Paypal and Offline  payments) via a user friendly and Ajax front end layout. Interactive, color-coded calendars display reserved dates,  and available/unavaiable dates and allow users to click the desired reservation...

- Work with OS Property
- Quick and Smart layout with Javascript and Ajax integration
- Paypal and Offline payment gateways
- Manage rental information for each property in both frontend and backend
- Flexible rates and dates management
- Manage availability calendar easily
- Manage booking request in both frontend and backend
- Text translation



About product

OS Calendar work with OS Property, so you should have OS Property (version >= installed.

After installing  OS Calendar, you need to select to integrate OS Property and OS Calendar

Figure1: OS Property configuration.  Select to integrate with OS Calendar


 After that, you can manage the rental information for each your property. Agent can manage those information from the frontend.

In the backend of OS Calendar

Figure2: After integrate with OS Calendar,  in the Properties manage list, you will see the link to go to the manage rental infomration for each property

Figure 3: Manage avaiability calendar of one property from backend


Figure 4: Manage rental information for one property from backend


In each property, you can manage 3 additional information

1. Rental information: They are important information for reservation. It includes default price, tax, deposit amount, payment method or auto approval the booking request. 


   Default price: In case you do not have the special price for one time amount, the system will use the Default price when it calculate the total cost. The default price is the price for one rent day of current property

   Auto Approval Booking Request:  If you select this option, the booking request on this property from customers will be approval automatically and the customers do not need to pay for you

   Disable Payments: If you do not want to use any payment methods, please select Yes in this option

2. Special prices: If you have the special price for the holiday or something like that, you can manage them from this task.

3. Avaiability Calendar: In this page, you will have the general view about the availability for each property. You can see the days that the property has been booked, the days that property is not available. You can also manage the available/unavailable status of the property in each day.

4. Payments: You  have 2 payment gateways,  Paypal payment and Offline payment

Other important points in OS Calendar

Manage Orders (Booking requests): From this page, administrator can manage the orders, select to change the order statuses or remove orders

Figure 5: Manage orders (Booking requests)



Figure 5: Manage email templates


OS Calendar has the default menu "Booking list". This menu is for agents. It list all the booking requests of properties of agents in the frontend.

From frontend, agents can manage the rental information of their properties like in the backend.

Figure 7: Manage availability calendar for property from frontend



Figure 8: Availability form in property details page


Installation steps: 

1. Please download the package that you receipted after purchasing, install component

2. Make sure that  you have the latest version of OS Property. Go to backend > OS Property > configuration. Select to integrate with OS Calendar.

3. Go to OS Property > Properties manage to manage the rental information of each property

4. Manage email templates, text translation from OS Calendar component

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