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Joom Donation is a Joomla(TM) 1.5, Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7, Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3.0 native extension allows you to get one time and recurring donation from visitors of your site via Paypal, and MoneyBooker payment gateway. Other payment gateways : Paypal Pro, Google Checkout, Echeck, Payflow ProFirstData, Eway, Worldpay, 2Checkout, SIM, Alertpay, DPS Px Pay, Securepay, Migs: MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (Australia) are released as Payment Plugins

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  1. Get one time and recurring donation via Paypal , Moneybooker and payment gateway .
  2. Collect donors information : First name , last name , address , city, state... on donation form .
  3. Confirmation email will be sent to donor and notification email will be sent to administrator when donors make donation to the site .
  4. Manage donors list from back-end of your site.
  5. Display donors list from front-end of your site (Donors can choose to hide themself in the list on donation form) .
  6. Export donors data into csv format to view in MS office or exachange this data with other applications .
  7. Donation form plugin to allowing display donation form in any Joomla(TM) articles .
  8. Campaigns feature : The extension allow administrator to add unlimited campaigns from back-end of Joom Donation and track donation progress for each campaign. From front-end, visitors will see list of campaigns and campaign's information : Title , description, start date , end date , target amount, received amount . The donation progress of each campaign will also be show in a nice thermometer module . Donors can choose a campaign which they want to donate on donation form.
  9. Custom fields feature : By default, Joom Donation only collects basic information of donors on donation form : First name, Last name , address , city... The custom fields feature allow administrator define custom fields to collect more information of donors. Joom Donation support the following custom fields at the moment : Textbox, Textarea, Dropdown (single and multile seclect list), checkbox list, radio list, DateTime , Heading( use to group fields), Message. From version 2.6.1, you can assign custom fields to campaign. That means each campaign can have it's own custom fields.
  10. HTTPS support : By activating https , the information you entered on donation form will be encrypted while transfering between pages and make it secure . This option is very useful  if you use payment gateway .
  11. Flexible config options: There are many config options which you can change from back-end of Joom Donation . That makes Joom Donation becomes a flexible extensions. Some of important config parameters are :
    1. Message : Message displayed at the top donation form, message displayed at the top of confirmation page, thank you message display to users after they complete donation, cancel message display to users if they cancel donation .
    2. Email : Confirmation email subject , confirmation email body, notification email subject, notification email body, notification emails ...
    3. Fields : Choose to show / hide , requires /not requires any fields on donation form .
    4. Fields mapping : Mapping between fields on donation form and JomSocial or Community Builder .
    5. Pay ment : Choose payment method you want to use, enter your merchant account : Paypal account, API Login and Transaction key, Live mode or Test mode .
  12. JomSocial integration :
    1. Auto-fill fields on donation form (first name , last name ,…) from data stored in JomSocial’ profile so that user won’t have to re-enter these essential data .
    2. Donation history plugin : This plugin displays donation history of a user on his profile on his profile .
    3. JS Donate Me plug-in : Allow site visitors to donate for members of your site . The money will be transferred directly to member’s or transfer the to site administrator and admin will send payment to member at the end of each month  ( Configurable) . This plug-in will also allows the owner of profile to view list of his donors, export his donors list into CSV format .
  13. Community member integration :
    1. Auto-fill fields on donation form (first name , last name ,…) from data stored in CB’ profile so that user won’t have to re-enter these essential data .
    2. Donation history plug-in : This plugin displays donation history of a user on his profile on his profile in CB.
    3. CB Donate Me plug-in : Allow site visitors to donate for members of your site . The money will be transferred directly to member’s account or transfer the to site administrator account and admin will send payment to member at the end of each month  ( Configurable) . This plug-in will also allow the owner of profile view list of his donors, export his donors list into CSV format .
  14. Plugin enabled system :Joom Donation is now a plug-in enabled extension . There are two events :
    1. OnAfterStoreDonor  : The event will be raised when all information of donor stored in the database . You can trigger this even to add donor to your mailing list . subscribe donors into newsletter system (See our newsletter plugin)
    2. OnAfterPaymentSucess : This even will be raised when the payment is successfully processed . You can trigger this even to grant access to users to any resource of your site  : Docman documents (see our Docman plugin ),  allow users to read some articles which require pay to read .....
    To view all plug-ins which our team developed so far , please access to Our Products menu item . To see how to develop new plugin for Joom Donation , please access to Tutorials menu item .
  15. Joomla(TM) 1.5 native extension, follow MVC programming model, multi-languages support



  1. For installing the extension, please read Joom Donation Installation
  2. For using the extension, please visit Using Joom Donation
  3. Browse FAQs.
  4. Access Support Forum to post your questions and get answered from us .

JED Reviews


bylrhone on October 26, 2010
Great extension, documentation and support. Thanks so much for this great contribution.
bybootyz333 on October 20, 2010
Great bit of software to meet your donation requirements.
Great component. Exactly what the client needed. Really easy to install and configure.
We also had to integrate it with our own payment gateway and had it done (and supported) by the Ossolution Team – great work, easy communication and very responsive.
Couldn’t be happier!
byheidi4web on October 7, 2010
This is a great component. It was very easy to configure and works great. I also got great support when I had a question!
byD.L. Watson on October 5, 2010
As with all of the extensions from this developer, this is EXCELLENT.

It makes it easy for user to make a quick donation. Its easy to install and set up.

Dont mess with messy code or bad design with the free donation services. Do yourself a favor and get this extension!
We are using Joom Donation and could not be happier with the functionality of this extension. It works perfectly for our needs. We particularly like it's ability to process recurring donations. And the customer support is exceptional. We needed some customization for our site and Tuan took care of everything for us in a professional, friendly, and timely manner. He is continually updating and improving the extension. We can recommend Joom Donation wholeheartedly. Thanks for your excellent work Tuan!
byjohntennock on September 20, 2010
We evaluated several Joomla donation extensions and chose JoomDonation as most suited to our needs. We then decided we wanted to include eWay as a payment gateway. We contacted Tuan from the Ossolution team, got a very good price for incorporating this in JoomDonation. The job was done on-time (2 days), on budget, with excellent support. We are very glad we chose Joom Donation.
byguckie on September 14, 2010
This is the most flexible donation extension I've ever used! I'm putting it to work for a non-profit organization that operates multiple simultaneous fundraising drives - Joom Donation is perfect for the job!

Not only that, but Tuan has been extremely helpful in supporting the extension - even when I *thought* there were a couple of issues that ended up being problems on my own part.

Furthermore, he quoted me a very fair price to develop a slightly customized plugin for final tailoring to my customer's needs.

Great work, Tuan -- and thanks for the top notch support!
byndaword2003 on September 12, 2010
I love the extension. It was so easy to implement and I need to compliment Tuan. I needed some customization to a component and Tuan did it for FREE. This was great and he was very helpful. I appreciate the support after purchase and I recommend this extension.
bysbloom01 on August 11, 2010
What an absolute lifesaver this plugin was for me! I tried another plugin first, one that cost nearly double - had some configuration questions that were absolutely vital to use of the plugin - submitted a ticket a week ago, a follow up 2 days later - and STILL haven't heard - found Joom Donate and now I can sleep tonight! I have a big important campaign that HAS to happen this week after the other company made me wait this long, and thanks to the developer's expertise and TOP NOTCH support, I'm ready!

Thanks SO much again!!
bybiggzi on August 9, 2010
This is the most feature rich donation application I have found for Joomla. Does exactly what we want, is very flexible and is really easy to use.

Good support forum.

Thanks a lot guys.
bybbihun12 on August 5, 2010
Wow!!!! What a great product. I am one of those people that researches extensively for a quality product before I purchase it. I have purchased JoomDonation and it is everything I thought it was and more. What a great product and easy configuration/user interface.

The support is amazing as well. I had a little issue with the module formatting with the gantry framework with my template. I skyped Tuan, he accepted in literally 2 seconds and fixed my problem in less than a minute. Now that quality service for a quality product.

I can't wait to see more from him.
bydmweinst on August 4, 2010
I requested that Tuan develop a custom integration to a particular payment gateway. When it was finished, I was able to install it and configure it quickly and easily. The integration worked like a charm the first time I tried it.

I recommend Joom Donations for any website that needs a reliable and flexible donation component on their website.
bykewhany on August 3, 2010
Besides the purchase of Joom Donation, requested integration with a particular payment method, the developer has done for me and the end was a magnifício work, it's all working perfectly the way I hoped would work. Congratulations!
This must be the easiest to install and then use.

Tuan also added NAB MIGS payment integration which was a requirement of our group.
Helpful and always understanding when I needed help.

The string modification is great, so I can have postcode and not the US Zip.

All the emails to be sent can be easily modified so they say what I want.
it is very nice to have a component that not only functions well but also has the support behind it to help you if you have questions!
byGillespie on July 16, 2010
Works perfectly, looks great and excellent support. I'm a very happy customer.
bybetonicah on July 13, 2010
I've been using this extension without issues for a few months when my client decided they needed to allow their donor's the ability to select the currency they wish to use.

Quick email to the developer and one day later a new version with the feature added.

I have been using Joom Donation for many months now and am happy to say that it is THE best Joomla! donation extension there is. It interfaces with PayPal, PayPal Pro, and Moneybooker perfectly and I could not be more satisfied with the extension!

The Ossolution Team constantly updates the extension with new features and it gets better with time. Many features that I personally requested were included in the following version within days of my request.

Also, Ossolution took the time with me on Skype to make many specific changes to make it look great on my site. Thank you so much to them! I look forward to supporting your future work. =)
byintel on July 11, 2010
There are times you get a really good extension, but the support is terrible. Then there are times you get really good support for a really bad product.

But with this extension, you get the best of BOTH worlds. Taun really goes out of his way to get you what you want and the support you get is amazing!

For this small investment, you get an exceptional product with exceptional service.

I would rate this above 5 if the option was available.

Great job, excellent it!

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Below are some sample sites which are using Joom Donation for getting online donation from donors :


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