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Document Seller

Documents Seller (aka DMS) is a Joomla(TM) 1.5, Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7, Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 extension developed by Ossolution Team to allow you to sell your downloadable products : Documents, Softwares, Joomla(TM) extensions, Joomla(TM) templates and get paid via Paypal,, Eway and Offline payment payment gateway...

Note : Paypal,, Eway and Offline payment plugins come with DMS by default (you just need to purchase DMS, don't need to purchase these payment plugins). Other payment plugins such as Paypal Pro, Google Checkout.... are released as separate payment plugins which you can found at Documents Seller Payment Plugins.

Current version: 3.0.0 . Last updated: 01/23/2012

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How it works :

  1. Customers go to your site, browse for documents and choose the documents which they want to purchase.
  2. Customer fill in order form, pay for the selected documents using one on of available payment gateway .
  3. Administrator will received an email notification about the order .
  4. Customers will receive an confirmation email about the order. In this email, they can get the purchased documents (sent as attachments if you enable this feature) . They can also get the documents by clicking on the download links sent in this email (if you enable this feature) .
  5. Customers can come back to your site later, access to Orders History Page to download future versions of the purchased documents. Of course, you can limit this download by time or by number of downloads (see explanation below) .
  6. Administrator can manage these orders from back-end .

Features :

  1. Nested categories : DMS allows you to organize your documents cross infinite categories and subcategories.
  2. Documents management : DMS allows you to upload documents, enter document description, meta data(Meta key, Meta description),  setup price and download restrictions... from back-end of your site. Each document can be assigned to multiple categories.
  3. Flexible download restrictions : For paid documents, you can setup download restriction to un-limited (lifetime download), or limit download by time (once customers paid for the document, they can download the document in a time range), or by number of downloads (paid customers can only download the purchased documents in a number of times).
  4. Support both free and paid documents. For paid documents, customers will have to pay for download. For free document, you can even config the system to collect downloader information (first name, last name, email....) before they can download the document.
  5. Different layout options to display document from a category: Default LayoutColumns LayoutTable Layout.
  6. Multi-payment gateways support : DMS support Paypal, and Eway and Offline Payment payment gateways by default. There are total 13 other payment plugins such as Paypal Pro, First Data, Google Checkout... which you can found at Documents Seller Payment Plugins.
  7. Offline payment support : If your customers don't have account in the available payment gateways, they can orders your documents using ofline payment option. The order will be pending until you received payment from the customer (via bank, for example) and activate the order . At this time, your customers will be able to download the documents.
  8. Shopping cart system : If you turn on this feature, customers can purchase different documents within one checkout.
  9. Emails notification system allows sending confirmation email to customers and notification emails to administrators when customers place an order from front-end of your site.
  10. Orders management : You can manage orders from back-end, assign an order to a user, search for an order using customer username or email or Transaction ID..., export orders into csv format to view it in MS office application and import it into other system if needed.
  11. Statistics feature (in Dashboard) allows you to see an overview of total orders, total income from the system in a different range of time (today, yesterday, all days, this week, this month, last month, this year, last year....).
  12. Order History page allows customers to login to your site, see their orders history and download the purchased documents (if the subscription still active).
  13. Powerful coupon system : You can create coupons from back-end of DMS to provide discount (by amount or by percent) for your customer. Coupon can be used for the whole order or for an individual document during checkout process.
  14. Powerful custom fields feature : With the custom fields feature, you can now add custom fields to order form to collect more information from customers (beside basic fields such as First Name, Last Name...). Also, custom fee fields feature allows you to have a very flexible way to calculate total order amount based on what users choose on order form. For example, if you sell Joomla extensions, you can create a custom field called Support Time. If users choose 3 months support, they won't have to pay extra. If they choose 6 months support, they will have to pay extra 10$....
  15. Flexible members discount feature allows you to give different discount rate for members on your site based on their Joomla Groups.
  16. License Codes feature allow you to enter license codes for your document. If you enable this feature, when customer purchase a document, the system will check and send a license code (from one of available license code) to them. This feature is useful if you sell softwares and need to send activation codes to customer.
  17. Track status of sending confirmation email and allows administrator to re-send confirmation email in case customers haven't received the purchased documents (because the mail server doesn't work at the time they make the purchase).
  18. Powerful tags system : You can add tags for your documents. These tags will be displayed in document detail page and in a module. When customers click on one tag, all the documents which has this tag will be displayed.
  19. Quick Edit feature allows you to change basic information like Title, Price, Categories, Download Restrictions of different documents within one click. See Quick Edit screen.
  20. Flexible config options : There are many config options which you can change from back-end of DMS. That makes DMS becomes a flexible extension. Some of important config parameters are :
    1. Message : Message displayed at the top of order form, thank you message display to users after they complete order, cancel message display to users if they cancel their order .
    2. Email : Confirmation email subject , confirmation email body, notification email subject, notification email body, notification emails ...
    3. Fields : Choose to show / hide , requires /not requires any fields on order form .
    4. Fields mapping : Mapping between fields on order form and JomSocial or Community Builder .
  21. Compatible with sh404 : The extension has a plugin for sh404 to generate SEF, nicer, friendly URLs .
  22. JomSocial integration :
    1. Auto-fill fields on order form (first name , last name ,…) from data stored in JomSocial profile so that user won’t have to re-enter these essential data .
    2. Order history history plugin : This plugin displays orders history of a user on his profile on his profile .
  23. Community member integration :
    1. Auto-fill fields on donation form (first name , last name ,…) from data stored in CB profile so that user won’t have to re-enter these essential data .
    2. Order history plug-in : This plugin displays order history of a user on his profile on his profile in CB.
  24. Plugin enabled system : DMS allow you to write plugins to extend the funtions of the extension.
  25. Follow Joomla coding standard, MVC programming model, on–going development and great support.




  1. For installing the extension, please read Documents Seller Installation
  2. For using the extension, please visit Using Documents Seller
  3. Browse FAQs.
  4. Access Support Forum to post your questions and get answered from us .


JED Reviews


I recommend this extension. Its an excellent value compared to what you'll pay for a similar PHP script or some competing solutions. I found way more functionality and flexibility than I expected, and has been really easy to install and configure. I was also impressed with the support. I had a formatting issue due to my custom Joomla template, and after opening a ticket, Tuan put in a custom fix within about 24 hours, and was on a weekend.
bybootyz333 on October 20, 2010
Enjoyed using this product. Really simple to setup and use
bybohflu on October 19, 2010
After having experimented with Joomla! for just one week i downloaded this extention and it was even easier to use and understand than Joomla! itself.
I had some small problems, but this was fixed by the suport guys within minutes.
And when I had som sugestions - they promised me they would give me this in the next edition - within a couple of weeks. Excellent!
i had use it for 3 months..and didn't have any problem with this extensions..i recommended to use this extensions for your document seller..with cheap can get a lot of function and easiness...thanks for the developer..
I'd been given a project at work to build a e-commerce site selling pdf documents to GCSE/A-Level students. After trying out some other components i came across this little gem.

I had some questions which i needed answering before i could purchase the product. I was able to talk directly with the developer on skype which made the whole process extremely simple. All my questions were answered so I bought the product.

Super easy to install and setup. Works like a dream, really couldn't ask for more, and for $20 you can't really go wrong. Top job!
This is a really great product, well thought out, easy to use and amazing value for money!
Their support was frankly extraordinary (solving a few glitches my end) - I can't praise them enough.
Look forward to their next release.
This is hands down the best extension I have had the pleasure to pay for and I have been working with Joomla extensions (paid and free) for about 4 years. This is an extremely well done extension (worth far more than its cost). Worked right out the box and every screen and all functionality is very well done. GREAT JOB to the developer(s)!
Documents Seller is truly a good choice to make.
Very flexible architecture, easy to set up, support is great.
The developers are responsive, and will help you if you encounter problems with the software.
I highly recommend this product.
I give it 5 star because it deserves it.
byMr.4 on September 28, 2010
I have Joomla 1.5.20, Joomfish 2.0.4 and the Document Seller (DMS) 2.6.0 with Moneybookers payment gateway. I am glad that I came across the DMS as it solves all my tasks for really small amount of money and time (very high ratio quality/cost, it took me half an hour to deploy). The support team is prompt enough. It never took me more than a day to get an answer via e-mail, skype or forum. Special thanks to Mr.Tuan Pham Ngoc for the advice which guided me to Moneybookers (my sorrow was that Pay Pal does not serve Russian Merchants). So ,Guys, keep the DMS and save your money, the rest is nonsense!
byniklasn on September 27, 2010
Great extension and great support.
Not only does the DMS extension address our specific needs of validating potential customers before handing over semi-sensitive materials, but Tuan is also extremely flexible and customer oriented in tailoring the component to match our specific process.
Great Value for money!
bynayanach on September 20, 2010
I always use Virtuemart but always problems status change, user don't recieve download ID...

I have searched on the net and found Document Seller is is the best change i do! Now my website looks better, and i never get problems, this is really a great component with many features and if you experiment some troubles Tuan Support tem is really eficient!

Good price and give what promisse....

I recoment this extension thank you Joomdonation Team....
bythreshold on September 19, 2010
This extension was very easy to install and configure and did what it was supposed to do. I had one small layout problem and Tuan fixed it right away. Great service!
byonesoundflyer on August 10, 2010
If you have documents that you want to sell and also want to enjoy amazing service at the same time, you must download Documents Seller. Tuan apparently works about around the clock and he knows what he's doing. He has helped me a couple of times both with lightning quick response. Too bad all support isn't this good.
byKitesurfer on August 9, 2010
Would like to thank Tuan for creating such an awesome product. Looked at all the other "download and pay products" but not one came close to this one, had a small problem but Tuan fixed it no problem. Thanks again recommend this product to all.
This product is awesome. it does what is says it will do, and it very extensive in how it works. I tried NICE DOWNLOADS but I kept getting download issues. So I decided to buy yet another download extension, Document Seller - DMS, it's just great! I have bought other things from these guys and they are top dogs for joomla apps. thanks guys for making something so robust and functional. simply awesome.
byLineMine on August 2, 2010
This is everything you could ask for from an extension: feature rich, user friendly, regular updates and great support. One of the best extensions around, and I would really recommend it if you need to distribute and/or collect any kind of document or file using Joomla.
byevis on August 2, 2010
Great extention. Very easy. And very good support - LIVE! And great update :) It do what and says.

I strongly recommend!
byjanni812 on July 28, 2010
The best document selling program available.
Perfect support. Even directly over skye.

Go on with your great work!
byD.L. Watson on July 17, 2010
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
I have been using Document Seller now for about four months and its absolutely the best file selling extensions avaliable. The ability to integrate into Community Builder, the many backend features, and the almost instant support makes it seem they are charging to little.

A fantastic extension that makes all others like it obsolete.
byuniversalckcs on July 11, 2010
Reviews are very helpful when I decide on an extension. This extension had a lot of positive reviews and most made mention of Tuan's great support. Absolutely true! I like the fact that there is the willingness to both answer pre-sale questions and continuing post-sale, rather than leaving the buyer to struggle to figure it out on their own or just giving up. Also the fact that Tuan is continuing to develop this extension, rather than just letting it stagnate is great. I have downloaded some wonderful extensions but few offer the service that I have received with DMS. This is definitely a 5 Star rating and worth the small fee, just for the support.

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